Privacy Policy


Range of Private Information Collection

On the Leafin International website, you can access to most contents freely without separate sign-up process. If you want to use our member service, you have to enter the following information. However, there is no limitation for service use when you do not enter the selective items.
Range of private information collected on member registration
Required items : ID, password, name, e-mail, zip code, address, telephone, company(organization)
Selective items : Other items except required ones
However, any private information vulnerable to basic human right infringement, such as information about race, national ideology, beliefs, birthplace, place of register, political tendency, criminal record, health, and sexual life, shall not be collected.

Agreement on Private Information Collection

Leafin International regards your clicking on the [agree] button as an agreement on the private information collection among two bottoms, [agree] and [disagree] about the private information policy or the provision.

Purpose of Collection and Use of Private Information

The information that Leafin International collects on member's registration is used for the company only to provide differentiated service for each customer and for a marketing information of the company, and shall not be provided to the third party.
Leafin International collects private information for the following purposes;
name, ID, password : To identify a member for a member service use
e-mail address, telephone : to deliver a notice, identify a member's opinion, acquire a smooth communication path for complains, etc., and inform new service/goods or events.

Use for Other Purpose, Provision to & Sharing with Third Party

Leafin International shall use your private information under the range stipulated on the 『 Purpose of Collection and Use of Private Information 』 and not use it beyond the range or provide any third person, company, or institution.
We will use and provide private information with special care in the following cases;
Affiliation : We may provide or share your private information with an affiliated company in order to provide better service. In such case, we will ask your agreement about the affiliated company, the purpose of provision or sharing, the kind of private information to provide or share, the reason for it, the duration and the way to protect/manage the information prior to do so. If you do not agree with it, your information shall not be provided to or shared with the company. If there is any change or completion with the affiliated party, we will inform you or ask your agreement about it in the same process.
Assignment : When we assign a business related to private information for a smooth process, we will inform you the details including the name of assigned company and a person in charge of it prior to the assignment.
Range of assignment: It is limited to when we have a right to correct or revise customers' private information.
Any notice or request of agreement shall be noticed individually more than one time by e-mail, etc., as well as noticed at least 30 days before on the notice section of the main online home page.
Followings are exceptions.
When there is an inquiry from a related institution for an investigation based on related laws, when the information is provided to an affiliated company of advertiser or research institution, etc. for statistically academic research or market research in a form that a certain individual cannot be identified, and when there is a request based on the process stipulated on other related laws. However, we will on principle notice a user when the information is provided to an investigation institution or based on related laws. We may not notice without intention based on a law. We will do our best not to provide information against the original purpose of collection and use.

Linked Site

Leafin International can provide you websites of other companies or links about information. In this case, Leafin International has no authority to control over the external site and information and thus cannot be responsible for the utility of service or information offered by them. When you move to other sites by clicking links included on our website, the private information policy of the corresponding site is not associated with Leafin International Thus, you need to review their own policy.

Obligation to notice

Any addition or revision of the current privacy protection policy according to any change of government policy or security technology will be noticed on the 'notice' section of the website at least 10 days before the revision.

Refuse any unauthorized collection of e-mail addresses

We refuse any collection of e-mail addresses listed on the website without permission through e-mail collection programs or other technical devices. If you violate it, criminal penalty will be given based on Communication Network Law.